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Our Vision 

The Center will provide a place to engage in and develop the spiritual, physical, emotional well-being, and growth for the betterment of the Indigenous community and to create understanding and relationships with the greater Lawrence community. (adopted April 2021)

Our Mission

Our mission is to identify and support the needs and goals of the Lawrence Indigenous community through education and empowerment. (adopted April 2021)

Our Timeline

2020-2021: Pandemic and needs of Indigenous Community 

  • September (2020): A community meeting (in-person social distancing & virtual) to gather input and discuss the need for an Indian center-led staff of Sacred Ground (Lutheran Indian Ministries – D. Prue & B. Paris).  An Ad-Hoc group was created to explore and gather input from the community.

  • October (2020): present: Ad-Hoc group continues to work on development and Ad –Hoc group hosted 2 monthly online events to share updates

  • January (2021): Ad-hoc team endorsed the name “Indigenous Community Center” (note: initially a contest was held and no submissions during fall 2020). 

  • April (2021): Vision and Mission Statement adopted and five board members seated.

  • May (2021): Initiate strategic planning


Our community – Lawrence, Kansas

  • In 2019, the United States Census listed the population for Lawrence American Indian population as 2700 or 3% of the total population.

  • American Indians, Native Americans, Indigenous people – collective terms used interchangeably. The Ad-Hoc group used the term and eventually adopted the term in the name of the center – Indigenous Community Center in January 2021. 

  • Unknown – number of individuals or families in Lawrence not counted in the Census or recently moved to the city for employment, education, or other reasons. 


Our Aspirational Goals

A place to gather. A place dedicated to serving the Indigenous community. 

A place to support growth. The space would provide services, tools, and resources geared toward individual, family, and community growth in the areas of education, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship. 

A place of guidance to empower. The space would provide programs in arts, culture, sports, leadership, and wellness hosted and guided by Indigenous folks for our community. 

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